Feminist Because…

I stumbled upon this amazing post over at "The Girl In the Hat", (https://thegirlinthehat.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/if-i-had-a-dollar-why-i-am-a-feminist/)  Its definitely worth your time, and invites response. Here's mine: Because I work hard every day to be sure my daughter can grow up asking all the questions she wants, so she never forgets her voice, so she doesn't equate learning... Continue Reading →


6:30 a.m. K:  (jumping up from bed) I want to see how much snow there is! Me:  There's not much yet, the storm just started. J:  It didn't just start! It's been snowing since Papa left. Me:  Well right, so it's only been snowing for about an hour. K:  Mama, an hour isn't ONLY, a... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

This past weekend left us with 4 fluffy inches, and the promise of 10-20 more by Wednesday.  We were able to get in two more good skates before the ice is buried (for the rest of the winter maybe?).  Kinda makes those -15 degree days worth it.       


When I was a kid my brother, sister and I went skating almost every cold weekend with a group of family friends.  My parents stayed home with younger siblings, but two or three of us kids would load into our friend's car and head 2 miles down the road to the lake.  Or, around the... Continue Reading →

HomeSchool Thursday, Brrr….

It was a warm, green Christmas, but 2015 has brought some sun and cold. Twenty below zero last night, but reaching a balmy 15 degrees in the sun this afternoon. Today we're cooking pea soup with (our own) ham on the woodstove, working on multiplication tables, exploring the frozen pond, learning representational drawing, typing with... Continue Reading →

Merry Merry

The Holidays are behind us now, and there's still so many pictures I was hoping to share about all of the crafting that was done around here, by little hands and big, for friends and family.  But, for now these few will have to suffice.  Getting pictures onto my camera seems difficult enough these days,... Continue Reading →

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