Homeschool Thursday: Big Kid

With all of this snow and cold we use every excuse we can to enjoy the weather.  And with 2 months now of nearly solid, well below freezing temps our internal thermostats have re-calibrated.  Suddenly 20 degrees seems downright balmy.  So last week we found us enjoying an all day sledding/snow painting birthday party with... Continue Reading →

Skiing and More Snow

Last week was our 3rd annual women's ski weekend.  Like the first two years it was a treat, with fantastic trail conditions, cold but beautiful weather, and good company.  We skied Thursday afternoon 12 miles or so into one hut, then 20 miles on Friday to the farthest hut (across a lake where we nearly... Continue Reading →

Snow Days

Wow, we've had a lot of snow days recently, and a lot of snow to go with them. As a homebody I hardly ever tire of having to tuck in and enjoy a quiet snowy day at home. But, often, as the snow days stretch (as they did last week) we're likely to get a... Continue Reading →

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