Rob has been away for several days at a curling tournament in Boston (his team won!).


The kids and I had a couple of lazy days, a couple of busy days, and a late night party for my brother in law with all sorts or fun, including chinese lanterns!  It was pretty rad.

Of course I had to play with Cam (that’s what I’m calling my new toy).  I’m beginning to get acquainted with the different controls, and how to set the aperture/shutter speed/ISO to get what I’m looking for.  Still lots to learn of course–but its so exciting!  I know I said I’d spare you lots of pics but I can hardly resist.  Bear with me.

      These two are quick to take Rob’s place in bed so I won’t be lonely …


DSC_6034  DSC_6052

Rad pants, new shoes, and my favorite hat boxDSC_6251

“20 Ways to draw a tree (and other things)”DSC_5760

Pileated friend whose been hanging around lately

Barred Owl, roadside (photo by Wylie, with his ipod)


Tea partyDSC_5682

40 lanterns– not an arbitrary numberDSC_6190



2 thoughts on “Weekend

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  1. Lovely! What fun! Meanwhile, I am spending nearly every waking moment agonizing over the homeschool/public school question. I would really just like to make a decision, so I can start talking to Juniper about it : )


  2. You know how I feel about homeschooling! But, it’s different for every family of course. Just remember no decision has to be final. Good luck. If you were closer I’d say lets meet for coffee and chat about it!


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