Aristotle and Garden Update

Last year I didn't put much energy into the garden.  I was focused on marathon training, among other everyday busyness, and took the quick route (which is seldom the most productive).  Last year I bought nearly all of my seedlings.  They were sturdy, green-house grown organic beauties, three times bigger than what I could turn... Continue Reading →


Beach, hiking, lakes, sprinklers...its been a summery couple of weeks here now that nice weather has arrived.  Though we're still fluctuating from hot, humid 80's to cool, windy 50's, just to keep us on our toes. The garden is mostly in, the ducklings are in their pond, new bees are at work in the bee... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own

We always like to make things ourselves when we can.  Well, now we're making electricity! (Though we really can't take any of the credit for the work.  Sundog Solar, and of course the Sun are the real power houses). We have talked long and hard about solar electric over the years, not really knowing if... Continue Reading →

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