Home and Gardens

Its a little bit like Christmas, coming home to the garden after a couple weeks away in July.  The heat having finally officially kicked in, the garden is full of weeds, yes, but also lots of food.  Most of these pics are nearly two weeks old by now, so imagine most of it doubled in... Continue Reading →

Summer Vacation

Since the 4th we've been living it up, with an annual Fowler family reunion in NH lakeside, followed by seaside camping near Acadia.  It was a long stretch of summer busy-ness, with just the right amount of relaxation. Bradford, NH... Acadia.... We spent one morning biking the carriage trails in Acadia National Park, one day... Continue Reading →


Last year I felt like we were running through summer, but this summer feels a bit more balanced. Without a marathon on the calendar training is still regular but much more relaxed.  If we wake up before 6:00 (about 3 week days) then Rob and I head out the door for a pre-work run.  Its a... Continue Reading →

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