We are lucky to live near my older sister and her two boys, whom we see a lot of.  But, this week we were thrilled to host my (older younger) brother's three kiddos while he and his wife celebrated their anniversary.  It was three days and two nights of the sweetest cousin love fest you... Continue Reading →


The end of July, through the 2nd week in August are a parade of parties for us, beginning with Juniper's birthday the last week of July and ending with our Anniversary (14 years!) on August 11th.   We always feel a bit out-celebrated by the end of it, but I am forever grateful that our... Continue Reading →

Garden Tour

Its been a bit since I've shared any garden updates, and while these pictures are a week old, I think they're good enough to share the state of the garden these days.  It likely looks the same to all of you in these photos, but from my point of view there are a lot more weeds!... Continue Reading →

Arts and Crafts

The kitchen floor is tacky with humidity and covered with a sparkly sheen--part glitter, part honey.  This past week we've been shuffling through the house, using it as a landing pad between soccer camp, garden work, running, birthday parties, jam making, beach time, honey extracting....    Each time we pass through, another handful of dishes... Continue Reading →

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