We recently read, "Walter the Baker" by Eric Carl for the first time.  Kale, by virtue of being the youngest has heard many, many books--sadly (perhaps) most of them are not age appropriate.  He still enjoys them.  His favorite thing of all is to hear history--historical fiction, legends, text book history lessons--any thing will do.... Continue Reading →

One Day Last Week

  On the holiday last week we had the opportunity to host four friends for the day, some who we don't play with often due to school.  It was a chilly day, but not enough to deter the zip liners in the crowd.  Most of the afternoon however, was spent by the three girls deep... Continue Reading →


As a little kid Wylie experimented constantly.  Every day involved some kind of science experiment, sometimes from a book, though often of his own design.  "We" (I did all of the writing) kept a lab book and recorded each of his experiments, procedure through results.  It was a major part of his homeschooling.  These days... Continue Reading →

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