Dear friends invited us to cut a tree from their farm this year.  I remember 9 years ago when they planted those trees.  Our kids were toddlers together then.  Now, they hang, hoods huddled together, joking.  They pile on the couch, devices in hand and play video games, they meet up at the library down... Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season

This season of light and dark, of decorations and sugar and late nights is wonderful and harried, and almost too much-- but never quite.  To prepare for the onslaught of clutter (wonderful, glittery clutter to be sure) I kind of freak out and need to tidy up.  I started last week cleaning out the corner... Continue Reading →

And Now We Are Six

Kale turned six last Saturday amidst Thanksgiving travel and post holiday celebrating.  There were family friends who have known him since before he was born,  5 pies and a donut cake.   A busy but sweet day for this sweet boy.  He celebrated the following day with a boys bowling outing with his best buddy... Continue Reading →

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