Monday Morsels

Morsels:  Tiny bits of goodness from the past weeks.... We celebrated Earth Day with an Earth Love party hosted by friends.  It was one of a series of events that our Community holds for Earth day.  We also held "The Universe Story" at our UU church, retelling the history of the Universe from the Big... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday: Rhythm

    As I mentioned a few weeks back, our school days have been less structured than in the recent past  (though more structured than other pasts) -- as always our seasons are a balance of high and low tides (a term I've borrowed for years now from Melissa Wiley). But throughout it all,  I've come... Continue Reading →


These pictures are from the Spring Equinox.  Two weeks later we've got spinach and lettuce seeds in the ground, garlic and daffodils 3 inches high, and this morning, the first Peepers!   Yay spring!

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