Morsels of Summer so Far

Its been a while, but we’re still here.  Summer has fully arrived and we are immersed. Between 4 weeks of running  farm camp, Story Land, tech camp, a NH Fowler Reunion, and camping on Mount Desert Island and Hermit Island.  All goodness.  We’re approaching the birthday marathon: Rob tomorrow, Juni in July, Wylie in August, interspersed with a slew of running events.  Yup, we’re in it.


Above:  We arrived home after a long day of Farm Camp, having been gone for 10 hours, and found a small frog in the mudroom.  Poor guy, he must’ve been in here all day.  We released him into the yard.  The next day we realized our tadpole (nearly frog) was gone. Smart fellow.  He might have starved if he’d waited around for us.

At StoryLand Juniper and Laura road the RoarASaurus 13 times!   Once was enough for me. 1jf60jcfzb62mr3wafsexuww1pblz5k4fm2ajyivjzi1s0tw8h


Late night date with my nearly teenage boy, at Fog in Rockland.  We had hot chocolates, cheese cake, and discussed photography.


Yes, that’s a lobster boat driving down High Street!  The Shriner’s parade was one hilarious small vehicle after another, interspersed with clowns, swords, and fezzes.  A good time was had.

Fairy houses on the beach.




Summer dinners from the garden (not the sweet potato or avocado) garlic scape and radish pesto with sunflower seeds, sauteed turnip and mustard greens, local beef burgers, fresh lettuce, roasted sweet potatoes, and Abigail’s GF dinner rolls.  Yum.


Fort Knox, Bucksport, ME.  Creepy tunnels, flaming cannon balls, and amazing granite.


Its an annual event for us to mark the summer solstice with strawberry shortcake and fireflies.  This year the berries were a week late, and so were we.  The fireflies were very accommodating.





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