Maker Space

I’ve been working on a project for a while now with a friend of mine, rolling things about in our minds, shifting visions, but always coming back to the same focus of having a creative community gathering place.  A few years later we’ve settled on a mission, put together a steering committee, and have launched our project out into the world.

Belfast Community Works is a small scale maker space, a “community center with tools and ideas”.  A place where creative people of all ages and abilities can gather to share skills, inspiration, coffee, and stories.  It’s about re-skilling the community, and empowering people to create things rather than buy them.  And, it’s about connections.  Connecting people throughout the community who may not otherwise cross paths, and connecting groups with like-minded missions by providing creative space for them to meet.

For now, we don’t have a physical space (yes this is a bit of a hurdle).  But, in the meantime, we’re organizing community “maker/fix-it events” that will get the ball rolling, inspiring people to share skills and ideas with one another.  Our first event is a Fiber Skill Share, March 25th, at the Belfast First Baptist Church.  We’ll have on-going demonstrations of weaving, spinning, knitting, crochet, kids table, and felting.  We’ll also have workshops in sewing tote bags from grain sacks, up-cycling t-shirts into clothing, sewing produce bags (to support the “ban the bag” project in Belfast), and mutant stuffed animals.  We hope crafters who already have these skills will come out to meet one another, share their expertise, and enjoy good company while working on projects.  And, we invite folks who would like to learn a fiber skill to come and try it out.  Everyone is a maker.

I’m so excited to finally be making this happen!


Kale made a broom! 



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