Still Winter

It’s very much still winter here, despite the “signs of spring” sign on our wall.  So far we’ve listed “mallards, chickadees singing their springtime song, budding maples, and loons (though I suspect it may have been a mourning dove he heard).

On the first day of spring, our spring birds laid those magical chocolate mini eggs we all love! We drew pictures of grass, daffodils, and ducklings, and watered the wheat grass for something green.  The forced apple branches are nearly blooming.  It was warm enough in the sun to leave the window open for a while, and take our painting outside.





The next day, and for the rest of the week was a windy, gray, 10 degrees F.  Fortunately, we were distracted by a fantastic visit by cousins from NH.  The kids had so much fun together, making a winter wilderness camp, building furniture, and repairing the tree house.  Did I mention it was 10 degrees?  And snowing?  The kids didn’t even seem to notice.  They bundled and un-bundled themselves (oh the ease of middle childhood) about 12 times each day.  The chimney was hung with snow pants 6 pairs deep.

My sister-in-law and I knit, drank tea, and wine, and made food.  It was a great distraction from the spring we weren’t having.





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