Summer Vacation

We’ve been doing it properly.  Lots of fun running with friends (including the Rocklobster Relay, 200 miles from Bar Harbor to Portland), 4th of July weekend at the Lake with the Fowler cousins and second cousins, a week camping at Mount Desert Island, the first week of Farm Camp at Toddy Pond Farm, and somehow, time for swimming, ice cream (lots), sleepovers in the yard, and a bit of gardening.   This year we’ve made a “Summer Bucket List” (inspired by Pinterest) and have been working steadily to make sure all of our summer dreams can be fulfilled and adding new ideas weekly.  I’m realizing that there may be a point in the summer where this goal feels stressful and crazy making–but so far, it’s been nothing but loads of fun!


Rob’s solo marathon in Acadia, Rocklobster Relay, Carriage Trails, Eagle Lake 


                         Wylie’s homemade sailboat–it got him across the pond, fast!                                                        Pedaling back was much slower. 



Fireworks with second cousins, Rob is 40!, Family Sundae at SuperScoops


Hiking Bar Island in Bar Harbor with friends


MDI Campground, Ship’s Harbor Hike, 1st Monarch of the year




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