Birthdays and more

Rob has a habit of calling Juniper “sweet girl” (which she truly is) but I am quick to jump in and correct any gender stereotyping, and remind them both of all of her other amazing qualities–clever, strong, kind, sassy… So her new nick name has become, “Sweet girl, ahem  (throat clear)” which indicates all the unsaid truths about her.  It’s become their thing.  In any case, this sweet girl (ahem) turned 12 the last week of July.


Her birthday followed the sickest week I have ever spent as an adult, possibly ever, and she was truly a good sport as birthday planning continued to be pushed aside–“maybe after a nap we’ll sew your dress”, maybe after another nap we’ll start your cake.  Each nap turned into another day, and day after day in hopes that my fever would dissipate.  A course of antibiotics did the trick, and true to tradition, the dress did get sewn, the cake did get made, and I was nearly as good as new in time for her special day.



Wylie’s birthday is just a week after that, and our 1st baby turned 14.  It is hard to believe that I’ve been a mother for 14 years.  That sounds like an eternity.  And when I think of who I was at 14,  well, I can’t believe that my boy is that big.  It really is an incredible thing getting to be with these people as they grow.



Mimi’s birthday is two days after Wylie’s.  Seventy-three and still the best Mimi around! It’s a solid week of cake.  No one ever complains.


The end of July was also the year anniversary of adopting Daisy.  We can hardly imagine living without her.  Such a funny little pup she is!


IMG_5824 (1)

Last, but not least, Rob and I celebrated 16 years of marriage on the 11th!  The friend who snapped this pic said she wanted to make an ad for running that said, “this is what running together will do for your marriage!”  Must be true, because it gets better every year.


Napping after all night Down East Sunrise Relay





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  1. Happiest of birthdays to everyone! Is Juni wearing the dress you made her? It looks great! I love that picture of mom, it is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and happy anniversary!


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