This year marked our 9th Autumnal Equinox celebration atop Mount Batty.  It is a sweet, simple celebration with family friends, pizza and Oreos (half light/half dark).  We gather stones or shells and toss them off the cliff and make a wish for the coming year.  Some years we don our hats and winter jackets.  This year... Continue Reading →


Two weeks ago the harvest began in earnest.  It's a small scale affair here, but still, as much as I can (or want) to handle.  I'm still working on sauce (apple and tomato), onions are curing in the screen porch, the garlic is now cut and stored, with some set aside to go in the ground. ... Continue Reading →


Summer has turned the corner to Autumn, with all of its schedules and well-intentioned business.  I'd like to post more regularly about our weeks and our learning adventures.  But first, a few highlights from our Labor Day vacation to NYC. We stayed in an AirBB, walked 10 miles a day, had dinner with a 2nd cousin,... Continue Reading →

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