Little Wilson Falls

About a month ago we checked off one of the remaining boxes from our Summer Bucket List–waterfall hike.  Along with friends, we made the trip northwest to Monson, down a crazy bumpy road to the trailhead of Little Wilson Falls, in the Hundred Mile Wilderness, and near the end of the Appalachian Trail.

The iPhone pictures don’t do it justice…it was remarkable!  Being such a dry summer we able to walk along the rocks, right in the river in some places, swim in swimming holes, and build dams along the lazy shallows at the top of the falls.  Even with little water, the falls themselves are amazing, according to the guidebook, some of the tallest in the state.  I can imagine they must be even more impressive in the spring (though I’d skip the swimming then!).








On Monday Kale and I have the first day of a new geology club in town.  I can’t wait to learn a bit about the geology behind these crazy “steps” in the river.  In some places we felt like we were at a Roman bathhouse.

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  1. That looks like a really neat hike! The rocks look a bit like columnar basalt that has been shifted to a horizontal position, but I am no expert.


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