The Shortest Day

It’s been festive here this week;  cookie making and swapping, gift shopping and wrapping, lots of making in the kitchen, at the sewing machine, with paints and wax.  Outside the weather is cooperating for the holidays with about 10 inches of white powder keeping everything very greeting card-ish.  We got the skis down from the barn, and amazingly we’re all outfitted this year.  A solstice miracle.





With all of our regular activities atop the holiday festivities, each of the days has seemed shorter than the last.  But today we’ll truly take note.  The sun rose after 7:00 a.m., and will set not long after 3:30.  We’re making the trip to the Botanical Gardens to see “Garden’s Aglow!” and bring a bit of light to the darkness.

My friend who advises me in all things astrological has reminded me that not only is this the Solstice, but that the heavens are aligning to bring us all of our best-laid intentions.  In light of this, we’ll be writing not only our intentions for letting go but also our hopes and dreams for this new beginning as the sun returns.  We’ll toss these in the fireplace this evening and send them swirling to the stars on the smoke.  Happy Solstice.


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