Homeschool Thursday

We're back into the swing of things after taking December mostly off from academic work.  Wylie loves a formal schedule, and all things electronic, so we've started using Google Classroom for his homeschool assignments.  It seems a little silly, seeing as how we live together (and spend most waking hours in the same room) but... Continue Reading →


The temps finally climbed above zero (up to 25°F!) yesterday and we got out for a gorgeous ski.  Days of subzero temps and fresh powder make for perfect ski snow.  Daisy was so happy to finally be able to run again!

Try Slowing Down

    A few weeks ago a quote from Lily Tomlin appeared in my inbox: "For fast-acting relief, try slowing down". That's one of my resolutions for this 2018.   Along with a few other goals, one of my intentions is to organize our week with the aim of being home more often, and for longer... Continue Reading →

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