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Earlier this month I did a phone interview with a local newspaper about not-back-to-school rituals of homeschoolers in our area (we have a lot of homeschoolers around here).   Wylie was pushing me to make up some crazy rituals to pass off as tradition– namely burning ant hills in the backyard or anything else involving flame and sacrifice.  It was tempting.

I did share how the kids and I have a meeting each fall (and again mid-winter) to discuss what they hope to focus on this year, what kind of a schedule they want, what books/curriculum they’ll use etc.  This is a great way to hear about what each of them feels they are good at, where they identify they need some focus (they usually know) and what kinds of projects they hope to focus on this fall.  I was surprised to hear Kale say he wants to focus on survival skills.  I was not surprised that Juniper has finally decided to memorize her multiplication tables.  Wylie is finally old enough to take the Computer Careers Certification class at the local Tech Center.


So, here’s a brief description of what schooling looks like so far this fall.

We try to start our school work about 9:00 am M-Th.  This year both big kids have decided to use online math programs.  Kale is using RightStart C this year.  For science, Juniper is using the “Everything You Need To Know To Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook” for an overview on all things sciency.  Wylie will tag team on the subjects where he needs it.  Kale will focus mostly on science through nature study and likely a study on the human body.  Wylie is working with Rob on handwriting practice, Juniper on Spelling through “Sequential Spelling”, and Kale with “Draw, Write, now”.

Both big kids (and Kale by association) will be participating in a History Study with a group of peers and put together by friends, focusing on the Salem Witch Trials.  We’ll read a book and discuss, research and share about a historical figure from the time period, meet with a local Wicken, take a field trip to Salem, and finish the study with a local showing of “The Crucible”.


In addition, Juniper will soon be staring a 2 day “Bridge” program that focuses on ecology and is running X-Country on our local middle school team.

Kale is participating in a 4 day Homeschool Day Camp at Tanglewood 4-H camp, and starts soccer at the YMCA this week.

Wylie has his class at the Tech Center Daily, volunteers doing tech support at the library, runs lights for the Masker’s Theater productions, and works bi-weekly with his engineering mentor.



It still very much feels like summer here, so we’ve also been tubing, swimming, and hiking.


Got to squeeze it all in while it lasts.  And this weekend the Common Ground Fair, and our annual Equinox Celebration!



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