The Great American Road Trip!

Well, it's been months...but, not without good reason.  Our family returned Memorial Day from a six-week cross-country road trip. We left the slush and mud of early April in Maine and headed south down the east coast to the Jersey shore, the mountains of NC, and the magnolia blossoms in Alabama. We camped on the... Continue Reading →

Little Wilson Falls

About a month ago we checked off one of the remaining boxes from our Summer Bucket List--waterfall hike.  Along with friends, we made the trip northwest to Monson, down a crazy bumpy road to the trailhead of Little Wilson Falls, in the Hundred Mile Wilderness, and near the end of the Appalachian Trail. The iPhone... Continue Reading →


Summer has turned the corner to Autumn, with all of its schedules and well-intentioned business.  I'd like to post more regularly about our weeks and our learning adventures.  But first, a few highlights from our Labor Day vacation to NYC. We stayed in an AirBB, walked 10 miles a day, had dinner with a 2nd cousin,... Continue Reading →

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