Homeschool Thursday

We're back into the swing of things after taking December mostly off from academic work.  Wylie loves a formal schedule, and all things electronic, so we've started using Google Classroom for his homeschool assignments.  It seems a little silly, seeing as how we live together (and spend most waking hours in the same room) but... Continue Reading →

Little Wilson Falls

About a month ago we checked off one of the remaining boxes from our Summer Bucket List--waterfall hike.  Along with friends, we made the trip northwest to Monson, down a crazy bumpy road to the trailhead of Little Wilson Falls, in the Hundred Mile Wilderness, and near the end of the Appalachian Trail. The iPhone... Continue Reading →


This year marked our 9th Autumnal Equinox celebration atop Mount Batty.  It is a sweet, simple celebration with family friends, pizza and Oreos (half light/half dark).  We gather stones or shells and toss them off the cliff and make a wish for the coming year.  Some years we don our hats and winter jackets.  This year... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday

Last week we had a group of Kale's buddies over for the afternoon.  It was the first of this stretch of real spring-like weather we're having, and the stream in the yard was flowing.  The 4 boys, and Juni, busted into the craft drawer and made boats!  Everyone started with cardboard and duct tape, but... Continue Reading →

Homeschool Thursday

Juniper and Kale showed their animal projects at a library event last Monday.  They researched an animal for a "zoo", learned about the animals' habitat, part in the food chain, interesting facts, classification and more.  It was a good learning experience for all of us.  Juniper learned that its easier to spread out a research... Continue Reading →


As a little kid Wylie experimented constantly.  Every day involved some kind of science experiment, sometimes from a book, though often of his own design.  "We" (I did all of the writing) kept a lab book and recorded each of his experiments, procedure through results.  It was a major part of his homeschooling.  These days... Continue Reading →

Mid-Week Morsels

Morsels:  Tiny bits of goodness from the past weeks.... Ride, Sally, Ride!   This week we said Good-bye to our mini-van, Lois, and Hello to Sally!  Say what you want about people who name their cars (but I not too loudly, 'cause I don't want to hear it.)  I name everything.  Rob and I attended... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling this Fall

We're one week into the 5th year of our homeschooling cooperative.  Its always a chaotic, over-stimulating scene, especially the first couple of weeks as we work out rooms and schedules and such, and figure out how to be with so many bodies in one place.  But I never forget to be appreciative of the bounty... Continue Reading →

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