Homeschool Thursday “Share Chair”

Kale worked all last week on a gift for his cousins Sophie (3) and baby Kendall (7 months) who we hadn’t seen since September. Its a “share chair” (he named it himself) wide enough for the two sisters to sit on together.  When he emailed to ask their favorite colors Sophie said “purple” and she was sure Kendall’s favorite color is blue.



Kale drew the design by himself, and we worked together to measure and mark the boards.  I cut them with the chop saw.  Then he sanded all of the ends, and nailed and screwed them together (I started most of the nails/screws for him).  He and Juniper did all of the painting together, then he designed his own apple stencil and added purple apples for Sophie.




We visited all of the NH cousins last weekend and had such a nice time (pics soon!).

Kendall says, “thanks for my new chair cousin!”



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