Homeschool Thursday


We’re back into the swing of things after taking December mostly off from academic work.  Wylie loves a formal schedule, and all things electronic, so we’ve started using Google Classroom for his homeschool assignments.  It seems a little silly, seeing as how we live together (and spend most waking hours in the same room) but he set it up and taught me how to use it.  So far I’m finding it keeps me accountable, so yay for that.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also outlined a syllabus of sorts for our winter trimester.  It involves family projects, individual research projects, and day to day practice work (ie. math and handwriting).  The kids are also very involved in a homeschool community musical being directed, choreographed, and performed by children ages 4-14.

Juniper is back at Playworks two days a week, focusing on art, movement, outdoor education, and some math and writing work through group projects.  At home, she loves reading, drawing and playing outside.  She’s been doing some babysitting and mother’s helping within our homeschool group.

Wylie has found himself a fantastic mentor in town who’s been working with him weekly on electrical projects.  A very kind older man, who basically seems to be a much older, taller version of Wylie.

Kale loves getting together weekly with our coop and this year for the first time has his own set of homeschool work.  He enjoys math (when it’s his idea) and will read simple books aloud to me, but never without prompting. He loves historical books, especially about war, and has been binge listening to “Skulduggery Pleasant” on audio (not a historical novel).   Mostly he enjoys playing “pig” on his little door mount basketball hoop (or horse, tractor, ok, or Kale) depending on the moment.

The temps are reasonable now so we’re finally getting out and enjoying the snow.  We’ve been skiing twice this week (downhill and XC) and have started a snow cave.  Hopefully, it will withstand the 40°F we’re supposed to hit this afternoon.

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